Dealing with Resentment

Numbers 12

Envy and jealousy breed discontentment. When we feed an envious or jealous spirit, bitterness takes root in our lives.

Having taken root, bitterness leads to resentment which grows and grows until it eventually consumes us. When we allow resentment to grow, it blinds us to who we are and blinds us to the potential consequences of our actions.

Join us this coming Sunday at 9:30 am as we look to the book of Numbers, Chapter 12, as we will discover insights on how to address resentment before it is full grown, bringing a harvest of pain and heartache.

If you are comfortable attending in person, join us at 740 N. 129th Street in Omaha, NE. Our website has a handy map to guide you to our location. Or join us online on Facebook or YouTube. May God encourage you to join with other believers for mutual support which equips you to be able to share the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.