Rodney Anderson

Putting on Christ

Dress rehearsals help us better prepare for a public event. The rehearsals make us aware of potential issues and pitfalls in the upcoming presentation. Practice does make perfect.
When it comes to the Christian faith, we too need to practice our faith. The goal is to become more and more reflective of the presence of Jesus in our life.
When we put on Christ, His grace covers us, and His presence empowers us to live effectively for Jesus.
Join with us this coming Sunday as we discover the full effect of putting on Christ and what it means for us as we study Galatians 3:23-29. Hope you can join us.
We meet at 9:30 am. at 740 N. 129th Street along the West Dodge corridor in Omaha, Nebraska. If you are uncomfortable in attending in person, check out our Facebook page, SpiritOfFaithOmaha, or our YouTube channel. Come grow with us as we seek to share the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.
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The Power of a Praying Church

Join us as we pray, giving thanks to God for His many blessings and then bringing our requests to Him. We ask God to grow us in our faith and the church as we share the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. Learn more

Communion Sunday

Communion is normally celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. As a church we practice open communion, inviting all who know Jesus to partake with us in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus for us. Learn more