Young people getting to know God and growing in the Faith

CREDO Youth Group Acronym & Purpose Statement:

·       Connect

·       Reach

·       Experience

·       Develop

·       Offer


Spirit of Faith Youth Ministry exists to Connect students to each other, to Reach students and others where they are, to allow students to Experience God as they serve Him and others, to Develop students into the likeness of Jesus Christ, and to encourage students to Offer themselves to the Lord.

What is CREDO you ask? CREDO means “I believe” in Latin. The fives purposes for our youth ministry at Spirit of Faith (as listed above) stems from a simple, yet extremely important ideal of the Christian faith - "I believe." We are committed to serving Christ freely, yet soundly, while embodying one or more of these purposes in every event or activity that we do.
These activities include community outreach and service (e.g., Siena Francis House, Connecting Hands, Keep Omaha Beautiful Park Cleanup and Helping Hands, Mission Trip to Colorado, etc…), fellowshipping events (e.g., Movies, Basketball, Bike Rides, Sporting events, etc…), creative fundraising events (e.g., Spaghetti Dinner and Music Concert, Garage Sale),  and a Youth Bible Study (Topical/Systematic and Book studies).


Meeting Times:

  Middle School Youth-Sunday morning @ 8:15 AM

  High School Youth-Sunday morning following worship service (approximately 10:45 AM)

  2nd Sunday of the Month-Help with Connecting Hands @ Douglas County Longterm Care @ 1:15pm

Are you interested in joining or just dropping by? Contact us.