There is strength in the Name of Lord . . .  power in prayer.

A prayer shawl is a visible reminder that we prayed for the recipient of the shawl.  The prayer shawl creator prayed for an unknown recipient while it was being made.  When we hear of someone in need of prayer and special encouragement, a prayer shawl is taken to our worship service and dedicated by our pastor especially for the person.  It is then passed around the entire congregation so each person could individually pray for person and their specific need.

We hope that when the recipient wraps the shawl around them, they will know that they are being lifted in prayer by followers of Jesus Christ and remember God’s great love and promises.

Our desire is these shawls will bring a sense of peace and comfort to those who wrap it around their shoulders.

These shawls are available to members of our congregation and their friends. Also available is a wonderfully hand crafted wooden palm cross.

  • Do you know someone who would benefit from the warmth and strength of a prayer shawl? Contact us.


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