Life in the Church

Youth Pastor, Casey Payne

Casey has over 25 years of ministry experience featuring adult Christian education and youth ministry.  He has a BA in Pastoral ministry and MA in Biblical Studies from Grace University in Omaha, NE, and is currently seeking an M.Ed. in Special Education at UNL with a 7th to 12th Grade endorsement.

His ministry interests include spiritual formation and applying Biblical Studies to the Christian walk. His desire is to be daily applying Philippians 2:4-7.

Casey and his wife, Adrienne, have a deep love for Jesus and a love for others.  Casey and Adrienne have been married fo 20 years.

Casey has a heart for others coupled with a desire that they know more about Scripture.  He comments,Once people begin to regularly expose themselves to Scripture, the Spirit uses this to awaken their hearts to Christ in a new and fresh way over and again. Give someone Scripture, either by going through it passage-by- passage or theologically, and they will begin to desire God.”

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