Life in the Church

Sardis: Wake Up! (Revelation 3:1-6)

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Wake up!  Didn’t you hear the alarm?  If you’ve ever tried to wake someone up who is half asleep, you know how difficult it is.

Jesus was trying to wake up an entire church.  They had fallen asleep at the wheel and were heading for disaster.  Jesus wanted them to be awake, alert and active for Him.

We invite you to join us this coming Sunday, March 17, as we look at Jesus words to the believers at Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6.  Jesus issues them a warning and in that process warns us as well to be awake.  Jesus wants to work in us, but that is difficult when we are sound asleep.  

Join us for worship at 9:30 am at 740 N. 129th Street along the West Dodge corridor in Omaha, Nebraska.   Hope to see you Sunday!

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