Life in the Church

Spirit of Faith is a congregationally-led church.

Governed by an administrative council, elected by the membership of the church, Spirit of Faith is led by its members. The council meets monthly on the third Monday at 6:30 pm. The meetings are open to all members of the church.

The 2017 Administrative Council

        Voting Members:

  • Chair: Sandy Howard
  • Vice-Chair: Rick Will
  • Secretary: Joe Anderson
  • Finance/Treasurer: Roger Howard
  • Human Relations: Stan Spurgeon
  • Outreach: Sharon Jackson
  • Life-Long Learning:  Irene Spurgeon
  • Worship and Music: April Veline
  • Members At-Large: Jonathan Howard and Deb Richey


        Non-Voting Members:

  • Senior Pastor, Rodney Anderson
  • Youth Pastor, Casey Payne
  • Youth Representative, Salik Ford (backup - Anya Ford)